Our principles

Our principles

Our principles


We focus our feelings, thoughts and actions on persistent movement towards our own and towards the collective goal and their achievement.

Meritocracy, professionalism

We recognize and accept the knowledge, achievements and hard work of everyone. We will provide an environment for the development of knowledge, skills and qualities, both professionally and personally.

Consistent development, proactive

We take responsibility for ourselves and our decisions, we do not look for reasons in the environment. In order to be able to influence the events, phenomena, processes taking place around us, we must constantly develop and improve ourselves, and be enterprising.


We do what will get us where we want to go by acting with integrity and standing up for what we believe in. In order not to deviate from the intended course of action, path, goals, we change our way of thinking so as not to lose motivation, optimism and remain productive.


We jointly achieve our goals, develop the ability to jointly solve tasks in an atmosphere of respect and mutual assistance. To ensure effective interaction, we actively develop horizontal connections and share experience, knowledge and resources both in a team and with work colleagues.

Communication, clarification of needs

We learn to establish contacts, connections and relationships, develop the ability to constructively communicate and interact with the outside world.