Quality policy of Expobusiness LLC

Quality policy

Quality policy

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The Company's management declares that the Quality policy is a unity of principles and values that are based on the initiatives, goals and mission defined by the Company's corporate strategy.

The establishment of a viable Total Quality Management (TQM) system for the Company is identified by management as an important strategic initiative. This system serves as an effective tool for building effective business processes and their management. By building the described system, EXPOBUSINESS LLC acquires the opportunity to improve the quality of business by maximizing the satisfaction of market requirements and reducing costs.

EXPOBUSINESS LLC has adopted the following policy:

1. The Company's activities are aimed at identifying and meeting the present and future needs of consumers, as well as exceeding their expectations. In this regard, EXPOBUSINESS LLC:

  • constantly will study the requirements and suggestions of consumers;
  • for each segment will offer a product that meets the requirements of this segment;
  • according to the requirements and suggestions of consumers, will review and improve the services provided;
  • will promptly and professionally solve any problems related to the consumer service;
  • will exclude the provision of inappropriate services to consumers.

2. All personnel of the Company are involved in the activities to achieve the goals defined by the strategy, in accordance with which the Company:

  • will ensure the introduction of the institution of leadership;
  • will ensure an increase in the effectiveness of internal communications;
  • will ensure the development of teamwork abilities;
  • will provide training and staff training;
  • will promote employee self-learning;
  • will improve working conditions.

3. The Company ensures compliance with the requirements of the Total Quality Management system, as well as continuous improvement of this system, namely:

  • fulfills the obligations defined by the service agreement, corporate and operational strategy, as well as the requirements defined by the legislation and the Total Quality Management system;
  • determines quantitative and qualitative indicators according to the operational zones measures the effectiveness of processes;
  • periodically reviews the Total Quality Management system to detect and eliminate nonconformities;
  • performs periodic reviews of this system to ensure its functionality and relevance;
  • during the planning and implementation of changes, provides a systematic approach in relation to the Total Quality Management;
  • provides the processes of internal audit of the Total Quality Management system;
  • in order to implement the Company's quality policy, provides employees with the necessary funds.

Knowledge and compliance with the requirements of the quality policy is mandatory for all employees of the Company. This program for ensuring the overall quality policy can be implemented only with the participation of all employees of the Company.

As the Director of the Company, I declare that we will use all the skills and abilities, as well as provide all the means to implement the principles of the Company's policies.

Garik Davtyan Founder & CEO