We strive to provide a stable and productive environment for the sustainable growth of the Company, as we are aware of the importance and interdependence of the business and its operating environment. To create a stable development environment for the Company, it is especially important to balance the benefits of stakeholders, which can only be achieved through cooperation.


We are guided by the following principle: No consumer - no business All our efforts are aimed at creating additional value for consumers, and any activity of the Company is based on studying the needs of consumers and ends with an assessment of their satisfaction. A satisfied customer is the key to our success. All our aspirations will be directed to the continuous improvement of the products offered and the creation of new products that can meet the requirements of consumers now and in the future.


The most valuable thing for the Company is its personnel. We strive to create a working environment in which each employee can discover and use their potential, as well as see how their daily activities contribute to the successful development of the Company. Improving the knowledge and skills of employees is a priority in the strategic development of the Company, since only this way can increase the potential of the Company, create new competitive opportunities, as well as prerequisites for improving quality.

Partners & Competitors

The company is aware that the environment for building its professional authority is the business community. The company is focused on long-term and transparent cooperation with its customers, partners, suppliers, government and society. We strive to work on the basis of common interests. The Company adheres to a respectful attitude towards its competitors, since the latter are key factors in the development and promotion of the Company. Competitors are the most important components in assessing the achievements and omissions of the Company. The Company seeks to ensure conditions for fair competition. By constantly improving quality and applying new technologies, the Company seeks to create added value for consumers, and is not focused on price competition.

State & Society

We present ourselves as full members of society with an active position aimed at the economic and social development of the state. The Company pursues a responsible economic, social and legal policy towards the state and society. Profit for us is not the goal of our activity, but the result of its effectiveness. For this reason, from year to year we will strive to improve the efficiency of our operations and constantly improve, increasing the profitability of our business. The company will unquestioningly adhere to the letter of the law, including fully complying with tax and other obligations arising from economic activities. The company adheres to all the requirements assigned by all regulations and laws governing its field of activity. Our operations are transparent and we strive to build sustainable and constructive relationships with both the government and local governments.